Sunday, November 27, 2016

I've moved: an invitation to come on over to our place :)

Welcome to a new adventure. Would you be interested in a more intentional proactive plan for deeper spiritual walk? If so, please read on...

I continue posting Mutating Missionary on our new website. It took well over the estimated time to learn how to build a website, how to link all sorts of things. But mostly how to determine: purpose of the webpage, my heart passion, and how I can serve you, my readers, from my own life experience and tried and true strategies in the best and safest way.

We, HoneyB and I,  have added a few new pages, a few knew blogs to follow. I have shared my identity and my husband's. And I embrace the opportunity to take a spiritual walk with you.

We are sharing our new adventures of life with God here:

Come and join us in ways only God knows.

With no voice to teach aloud, I begged God to show me if He could still use me, and how and where. God gave me this idea.

And I struggled for while in the 'if' mode.  (yes, I know He uses all of us, but it took time to take my fingers off of where I had been and accept where I was)

Please understand the new website is still in process of morphing. I am very new at all of the ins and outs of this new task. It is one that requires consistency, daily, not hobby - when the mood hits me. And I am excited that God has painted me into a corner (spasmodic dysphonia) that allows me to do this daily. OK, this and writing a novel.

It has been almost a year in the making, but I find it a much more exciting place.
  1. it is focused on helping you build into a deeper relationship with God through 
  2. bible reading, 
  3. reflection, 
  4. and sharing in a safe community.

I hope you will come along and join HoneyB, and other believers, and me (your mutating missionary) in this exciting venture.

Your mutating missionary
and HoneyB + our furbabies

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cause or Christ?

What am I sold out to?

Such an easy question, right? In retrospect I see that there have been times during my life where I thought more about the cause than Christ.

Similar to the statement that I have made many times, "I believe in the Bible"

When thinking about it, "I don't believe in the Bible. I believe in the person Jesus Christ, Son of God, one of the three combined in the Triune God! The Jesus Christ that the Bible teaches us about. He and He alone do I believe!" It is always important to lean the ladder of faith upon the Solid Rock. As God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit - this is the God I desire to be sold out to. Not a cause, not a feeling, not a higher power --- GOD!

Because He IS the I AM
i am your
mutating missionary
&Honey B.

Friday, March 18, 2016

After much consideration, prayer and questioning ... guess what - I'm still a missionary!

Last year, I came off of the foreign mission field with many questions.

I was diagnosed with a disorder that prevented me from getting a job, I was in the midst of an international move, and I was dating (face-to-face-up-close-and-personal) the man I met on-line and married in August of 2015.

Being thrown into many changes caused me to question whether I should continue this blog with the same theme or change it. I determined to change it.


Well, for one reason, I felt the most important thing I was seeking was Peace. I was in such turmoil and peace seemed to escape me. While living in the guest bedroom of dear friends, I was going over every day to this man that God had brought into my life and simply getting to know him in real time. I was also working on his home (preparing it for sale), or working on my health, or working on my support, or traveling all over the country, or...or...or! I joined a writer's guild, I threw myself into the word of God and I began the ever difficult struggle of getting settled into yet another life culture. The questions were so vast, the darkness was pretty overwhelming, and the guidance was so needed.

I changed the title of this blog from Mutating Missionary to Mutating Peace Seeker.

Now, after over a year of being in this place of confusion, I come full circle. I must admit and acknowledge. I miss this blog. This blog of questions, concerns, heartfelt pondering and even sometimes frustrations.

So I have decided to re-new this blog, return it to the old name, because in reality we really (if Christ followers) are all missionaries, and enjoy it once again.

And...because I wasn't finished with it yet.
I will be moving the site soon to another location, but I will need some tutoring on how to do that. So thank you for your patience. I will continue to post here until I have moved it and then I will leave the link and I hope you follow it!
Looking forward to being with you again. From one mutating missionary to another.

Because He IS the I AM,
i am
your mutating missionary
& Honey B.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I've been busy lately.

Moved from Germany in November 2014. Married August 2015.

I'm moving my blog.
If you are interested return here in about one month and you will find the link.

New life - new phases - new mission - new world.

Because He IS the I AM, i am

your mutating missionary
Ebenezer, Bourbon + Ginger