Sunday, November 27, 2016

I've moved: an invitation to come on over to our place :)

Welcome to a new adventure. Would you be interested in a more intentional proactive plan for deeper spiritual walk? If so, please read on...

I continue posting Mutating Missionary on our new website. It took well over the estimated time to learn how to build a website, how to link all sorts of things. But mostly how to determine: purpose of the webpage, my heart passion, and how I can serve you, my readers, from my own life experience and tried and true strategies in the best and safest way.

We, HoneyB and I,  have added a few new pages, a few knew blogs to follow. I have shared my identity and my husband's. And I embrace the opportunity to take a spiritual walk with you.

We are sharing our new adventures of life with God here:

Come and join us in ways only God knows.

With no voice to teach aloud, I begged God to show me if He could still use me, and how and where. God gave me this idea.

And I struggled for while in the 'if' mode.  (yes, I know He uses all of us, but it took time to take my fingers off of where I had been and accept where I was)

Please understand the new website is still in process of morphing. I am very new at all of the ins and outs of this new task. It is one that requires consistency, daily, not hobby - when the mood hits me. And I am excited that God has painted me into a corner (spasmodic dysphonia) that allows me to do this daily. OK, this and writing a novel.

It has been almost a year in the making, but I find it a much more exciting place.
  1. it is focused on helping you build into a deeper relationship with God through 
  2. bible reading, 
  3. reflection, 
  4. and sharing in a safe community.

I hope you will come along and join HoneyB, and other believers, and me (your mutating missionary) in this exciting venture.

Your mutating missionary
and HoneyB + our furbabies

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