Friday, March 18, 2016

After much consideration, prayer and questioning ... guess what - I'm still a missionary!

Last year, I came off of the foreign mission field with many questions.

I was diagnosed with a disorder that prevented me from getting a job, I was in the midst of an international move, and I was dating (face-to-face-up-close-and-personal) the man I met on-line and married in August of 2015.

Being thrown into many changes caused me to question whether I should continue this blog with the same theme or change it. I determined to change it.


Well, for one reason, I felt the most important thing I was seeking was Peace. I was in such turmoil and peace seemed to escape me. While living in the guest bedroom of dear friends, I was going over every day to this man that God had brought into my life and simply getting to know him in real time. I was also working on his home (preparing it for sale), or working on my health, or working on my support, or traveling all over the country, or...or...or! I joined a writer's guild, I threw myself into the word of God and I began the ever difficult struggle of getting settled into yet another life culture. The questions were so vast, the darkness was pretty overwhelming, and the guidance was so needed.

I changed the title of this blog from Mutating Missionary to Mutating Peace Seeker.

Now, after over a year of being in this place of confusion, I come full circle. I must admit and acknowledge. I miss this blog. This blog of questions, concerns, heartfelt pondering and even sometimes frustrations.

So I have decided to re-new this blog, return it to the old name, because in reality we really (if Christ followers) are all missionaries, and enjoy it once again.

And...because I wasn't finished with it yet.
I will be moving the site soon to another location, but I will need some tutoring on how to do that. So thank you for your patience. I will continue to post here until I have moved it and then I will leave the link and I hope you follow it!
Looking forward to being with you again. From one mutating missionary to another.

Because He IS the I AM,
i am
your mutating missionary
& Honey B.

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