Friday, December 30, 2011

I travel.
I travel with my job in Europe sometimes.
I travel at least 3 times a year there.
I have been known to travel more.
But this year I am ready to stop traveling and the travel is not at an end.
I leave in about 2 weeks and travel from the middle south to the north east of the huge country we call United States.
I have 2 planned stops. I am not willing to travel the over 24 hours with Ebenezer alone in one shot. I have done that in my life - not now.
So I travel to the sweet southern state of Alabama, stop for a few days. Travel to that lazy town of Charlotte, stop for a rest, and then meander on up to Baltimore, Maryland.
I am blessed to travel and see those that I will see along the way.
But I am not looking forward to the travel.

I long for my own bed. I long for my wonderful luxurious red chair. I long for my tiny fridge and freezer. I long for my balconies. I long for the windows opening to the blue sky. I long for the irritating middle of the night walks in the freezing cold weather when Ebenezer decides he can wait no longer for morning. I long for evenings at Wilhelm Straße 3. I long for mornings waking up for an early morning coffee, journaling, reading, silence, conversation with friends, slower pace and amazingly enough: what I have come to know as home.

I long for this place. I long for this space. I long for this imprinting of the reality that I am being used by Him in fun and amazing ways. I long for the adventure I find in the everyday. I long for this place.

I find so much happiness in a little wohnung (apartment). What more will my future hold?

I enter 2012 with expectation and excitement.
I have been praying about my word for the new year. I walk in silence with God and ask Him to give me the word for the New Year.
I have determined the word for the New Year. Perhaps I will share it later.
But a friend has challenged me to find a picture for the New Year.  I am beginning to think about that and I will let you know if I decide to do it.

your mutating missionary
and ebenezer
here because HE IS here

Sunday, December 25, 2011

It is in the Knowing that Rest Occurs

I cannot explain
the peace that comes when meeting Him in the mornings, often after a night of tears.
I cannot explain
the joy that enters my life when I know that I am following Him, even when the journey brings snares.
I cannot explain
the life that He shares with me in the days of moment by moments.
I cannot explain.

I just know it.
I pray that you enter into this peace,
this joy
and this life
that is in HIM:
Immanuel - God with Us.

written by me - your mutating missionary

Because He IS the I AM, i am
your mutating missionary
and ebenezer

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thankful for:
  1. My kids
  2. My family opening their home / the farm / the tractors / the kitchen / their hearts
  3. Friends
  4. 2% milk
  5. Small quaint coffee shoppes
  6. Phone calls from 011+49 ... 
  7. Speaking
  8. Hearing
  9. Being an observer 
  10. Fruit and Candy stands run by proud American Indian... wow! Apples and Malted milk balls to die for!
  11. Aunt Jen's Pumpkin Pie Cake
  12. Tractor races
  13. Wind in faces
  14. Cold hands
  15. Tears streaming whilst remembering precious history
  16. A Heritage to be Proud of - a similar passion passed down through the ages.
mutating missionary
and ebenezer

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


"If we believe there's more pleasure in something other than God, then our obedience will never rise above required duty, our prayers will never aim higher than using God, and our joy will always leave an emptiness that drives us to further self-centered efforts to find the fullness we demand." Larry Crabb

Friday, December 9, 2011

1 John 4: 4

There are times when one verse calms my spirit. This is one of those times. From government red tape to airline fares to my own inadequacies and technological 'lackings' and even other more personal stuff and stuff and stuff... HE is greater.

Because HE IS the I AM,
i am
a mutating missionary