Thursday, April 29, 2010!!!!!

Returning from the United States about 24 hours ago, I find myself a bit tired. The flight was not as long as normal. I left from Atlanta instead of Dallas Fort Worth. The difference of a 12 hour vs. 8 hour flight. nice...

Ebenezer did well on the trip. He travels like a trooper. He rolls with the changes. How well can I do that? Isn't it interesting that the reality of everything always being in some sort of change is a good thing for us, but would be a bad thing for our God... God being outside of Time is immutable. With Time comes change. I left 3 months ago for the United States. I return to a changed environment, a changed group of individuals, and changed season. I left snow-covered mountains and housetops, and return to sunshine and blooming flowers. And remembering that the homes I left behind are now in some kind of metamorphosis reminds me that when I return all will have changed in the USA.

So, here and now, what does this change mean for me in my little world here in Germany. I don't know. I only know that the sovereign God who covers all things and stands still in the midst of chaos and change will bring about His order and His design. I have seen it over and over and over again. I know my God to be faithful to those who love Him and I know Him to be involved in their lives. So these lives that are intertwined with mine will be moving me toward a wonderful new place of worship and commitment in Him. It will be exciting to see how God uses the changes in this world to enhance my walk. Because He is immutable I rest in the assurance that our Relationship (dependant upon Him not me) is steadfast and true. I relish in the time spent In Him and with His children. Some are dealing with new challenges - challenges they would have never imagined to be in their lives 4 or 5 months ago. Some are celebrating endings and new beginnings. Some are wounded and walking around feeling rejected - trying desperately to control situations.

I know only this. That within the pages of His Word nuggets of wealth lie dormant to be discovered. When we allow Him to take us there and are open to searching His word, He will reveal all sorts of Himself to us and a peace that passes all understanding will cover us in these times of change.

Change is inevitable. With God change isn't so scary and we realize in short form that time and change are unable to be controlled. And as we recognize this truth we enjoy the beautiful blooms that burst forth into our lives and surprise us.

In other words, what we thought would be sometimes isn't and what we thought could never happen breaks us out of our nostalgic non-chalance and explodes into our lives in bold colors.

your mutating missionary
& ebenezer

Sunday, April 18, 2010

more on manners?

I do understand all of this going and coming and jobs and ifs and 'we just don't know' situations...

Good grief I put myself in the ball of those that wait to make a commitment because I just 'don't know'!

But, that is my question - what happened?

Will we ever get it back - I don't think so?

I'm not angry - or frustrated - just confused about our society. I think as time goes on we will morph into something else - and handle the problem in some other way - I was just pondering... how would Jesus handle the problem. Societies come up with problems and they must morph - wouldn't it be wonderful if we would purposefully morph thinking about how Jesus would handle things - I know... it is impossible - because we are ... hummm not Jesus - but I was just wondering.

and then of course I think dogs have the life - and as Ebenezer and Scout sit very patiently this morning waiting for my son to come out of his bedroom... giggle - I think: now that is the life ;-)

mutating missionary
& ebenezer

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I leave for home in less than 10 days. There are a few women and men that have come together to give this ministry a benefit fund-raiser and I am so thankful for their efforts.

But in all honesty I wish I could be more like Ebenezer. He lies on the floor, belly up, spread out for all to see. He is such a delight to me. I am thankful all of his paperwork is done and we are ready to fly back home in 10 days. Such red-tape!!! and then there is this whole volcanic ash issue - hopefully it will all be cleared in the amount of time I am ready to fly.

But then there is the flight from DFW to Montgomery. YIKES! Why do airlines just not take animals into the airport upon arrival - instead of denying them because of the weather. They could be the last ones on and the first ones off. Am I the only one that sees that as logistically not a problem?

I am dealing with many emotions upon this return. When asked what kinds of emotions, I must admit 'confusion' ranks right up there. I have all of these wonderful people that are supporting this benefit and only a few have sent an rsvp. I don't understand what is so difficult about shooting an e-mail or giving a call and saying, "Yes, I can come - no I can not come." Where have our manners gone?

Are we so individualistic that we cannot make a commitment to come to something until the last moment. I am reminded of when my children were younger and they would make a commitment to go with a friend somewhere. Then another opportunity would arise doing something way more fun and they would want to drop their previous commitment and go the the other thing. And to be honest most of their friends did just that.

My generation has come to be just as self-absorbed. We don't make a commitment until we see what all the options are. Then we do it at the last minute or even more self-absorbed we just show up thinking we are expected to be there. And I am just as bad as all of the rest. What has happened to our manners? Can we get them back?

I have a little keychain that my son gave me on this trip - he actually just picked it up because someone was selling them I think at his school or something. It is a little pink and green string of beads that has the WWJD beads in it. I took it because a friend is allowing me to use her son's truck and it had a chain that kept breaking. Anyway, I am wondering what would Jesus do in this culture, in this age, with this problem?


I kinda wish I could just be like ebenezer lying on the floor belly-up! Or maybe my 1 year old son taking his first steps...

Maybe I'll post something much more uplifting later - but for now these are my thoughts :)

mutating missionary

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The eternity within me longs for the eternal home with Him. So glad I am blessed with knowing my family will join me. Pondering on this cool mid-moment morning in which we remember:

What must it have been like on the morning after? For mother, for friends, for family... It must have been so painful. This place of death, separation, anguish, shame. Mary once again – the mother - shamed by the world’s standards. Her beloved son...crucified. I wonder how it must have been to know that you held the savior of the world in your womb ... saw Him rejoiced over with Palms and Praising... And then, then trying to hold on to that truth in the midst of the reality of death. What pain Jesus Christ probably went through in knowing and watching her pain. He has such a warm heart for His own mother, for mothers, for women, for family. It must have been hard to watch them struggle during this time He was conquering DEATH!