Friday, January 18, 2008

the cost and demands of love

"It costs the little daily things - serving the meals, providing the needs, asking for favors nicely, refusing favors gently.
"It demands that we use our gifts for our own communities as well as for others. It demands that we make relationships a priority. It demands that we make community for others. It demands that we share ourselves, our minds, our insights, and our time with one another. Most of all, it demands that we allow the people in our lives to be who they are and grow as they can."

I read this yesterday. I'm chewing on it.

I think I struggle with some of these things. That whole sharing of ourselves, our minds, our insights, our time... I don't know if I do that well...
I want to love this community in entirety.
I am praying for God to be my strength in this.

"Community is the only antidote we have to an individualism that is fast approaching the heights of the pathological in this world."

An unknown family on a North Sea Beach - a gift for me from God. Seen from afar - enjoyed this sweet interchange...once again - learning from children.
"Alone, I am what I am, but in community I have the chance to become everything that I can be."

your mutating missionary

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

romance with my God

I love the mystery of God. I love His orchestrating events and people and love and relationship. I love God.

On January 3 I drove to Holland. Visiting friends and families that I have known for years, I was thrilled at how He loved each and every one of us. How He designed our lives to interweave. Those intersecting moments that would careen us into friendship years down the road. And I remember something I read in C.S. Lewis about the reality that every person that crosses your path (even if only for a moment) will be moved closer to God or away from Him. Which would I prefer? I pray that every day, every encounter be so motivating as those I have had in Holland.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Joy in abundance - my new year's request

The door is closed to 2007. The beauty of 2008 is here.
Appearing icy and cold, it will warm in me.
As I step into its silence,
into its openness,
into its adventure -
These icy fireworks burst into life.
I will find warmth
I will find JOY
I will find Him
He waits for me there.


2008 hello!

Your mutating missionary