Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Herbst ist heir im Deutschland

Preparing for the harvest. Always makes me ponder spiritual harvesting.
I wonder how I will fare.
Will God find me preparing my heart, sharing my love for others and for Him?
Will He find me planting seeds of Good News?
Will He find me weeding away my issues tossing them aside --- once again! They just continue to pop up. Stubborn little suckers!
Am I blooming for Him?
And finally, can Christ find my hand in the harvest of anyone?
May I join Him in His harvest.

Mutating Missionary

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The sound of relationship

I love a hot cup of coffee shared with friends.

what I find interesting is that I didn't even drink coffee until I was in my 30s.

I went out with a dear friend from High School after going through divorce. His parents and my mom were very good friends. And we were very good friends. He helped me during those years understand so many things. He was a chaplain at a hospital in Dallas. He would make sure I didn't have too tough of a time by myself without my children when they were with their dad every other weekend. I would talk about.... and he would listen. It was a nice healing time for me. A safe place to vent. He never took advantage of me and was always such a godly example for my kids and for me. I am glad we had that time together.

But, the one thing that I still remember about him is the way he introduced me to one of my favorite pastimes today.

After dinner one night he ordered a cup of coffee. He asked me if I wanted one and I said, "No, I really don't drink coffee."

He looked at me with these sad eyes and said in the most inviting manner, "How can I share a cup of coffee with you if you don't drink coffee?"

Now mind you, I had grown up with people drinking coffee around me all of my life. Everyone around me drank coffee. But no one had ever posed the thought to me quite like this before. What an invitation. It was warm and kind and fuzzy all in one.

Who would have thought that this invitation would allow me to share a cup of coffee over a foreign table in Slovenia... while discussing God , how he Has been my Lover, my Redeemer, my Friend. How He has given me the amazing ability to continue learning German and not give up. How He continually leads me into relationship with new people, under new roofs, or even under the sky.

Who would have thought that a cup of coffee would be the avenue to share Him with someone.

What a journey.

your mutating missionary

Friday, September 14, 2007


a simple

clay pot

Because HE IS the I AM
i am
your mutating missionary

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Child's Play or Choices/Consequences

Recently I had a coffee with the mother of twins. We shared hopes, dreams, fears, laughter, and a few tears. While there, her twins played. I caught them on film as they played on the slide.
I love slides.
When I was a young child our house was in a cul-de-sac that butted right into the elementary school playground. Gates during that time were pretty much non-existent - we just walked to the playground and enjoyed! I remember the first time I climbed the steps of the 'tall' slide. Each step took me higher and made me a bit dizzy. Standing atop the slide was almost euphoric. Sitting on the slide and looking down that long line of tin - I braced myself. The first time I went down quite slowly - I wouldn't let go of the sides. I got braver as time went on and soon I was trying to catch air at the bottom of the slide. You know... sliding down on a sweater, or a cardboard box, anything to create less friction (and protect the skin on my legs!)

Watching these girls, I recalled a lesson taught me years ago. It was in conjunction with slides, with sin, and with making life choices. It went something like this:
Where is the easiest, least painful place to stop on a slide?
Answer: At the top.
Where is the easiest, least painful place to stop sinning?
Answer: At the beginning.

I have a dear friend that is making some life choices right now. You might say she is sliding down at a pretty robust speed. It is hard to watch. I remember times in my own life when the slide’s gotten the better of me.

God’s playground is immense, and we have oh so many fun things we can chose within His protective boundaries. Alas, when we push those boundaries – we get burned, we land on our rears, we scrap our legs, we fall…I know…been there, done that, and capable of doing it again. I too beg God to protect me from myself.

I find it interesting, that in kid-watching we learn so much.
Cautious child leaves the slide. Precarious child lands at the bottom. She then climbs the slide from a distasteful angle.

I’m thankful that He helps us up that angled slide. I’m praying that my friend not land too hard on her rump.
mutating missionary

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

the joys of motherhood


1. seeing my daughter

2. watching friends win their baseball game with my daughter

3. praising and worshiping God with friends and my daughter on Saturday night in my home

4. sweet hands that are simply enlarged images of tiny fingers wrapped around my thumb 25 years ago - hummm my daughter's

5. talking for hours with no speaking at all

6. sharing a meal in silence

7. sharing a meal in laughter

8. sharing a meal at home

9. sharing a meal with friends and my daughter

10. walking through a gladiola blooming field with my daughter beside me, choosing the most vivid colors, cutting them with our own hands, bringing them home to my yellow nest, and enjoying the beauty of them in this little wohnung (apartment)

Yes, the common thread - my daughter.

I'm thankful that I have three + two children...

Children who are no longer children - but God-loving individuals, with minds of their own, and a faith that belongs to them. A faith found on their own. A faith in the one true God. Jehovah - Jirah...


the last week was a joy

your mutating missionary