Monday, January 2, 2006

New Year? New Life!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting in a basement in Maryland, I snuggle in with A.W. Tozer (a.k.a. my cat). I am encouraged on this the second day of the New Year.

Tomorrow I begin a silent seclusion. I desire to seek His face.

It is an amazing thing to watch God’s hand move. I leave for Europe on January 15, 2006. My children are excited -- they are staying here; I am numb -- I fly off into the sunset :-).

I must admit I have no emotions. I am operating under the Truth that God is in control. I'm guessing that I will begin to emote some time between learning the language and finding an apartment, in Europe, in a country I have never visited. What do you think? Do you agree?

May this year be one that He is glorified, may He remind us all of the need to share Him in all we do, and may He give us immense blessing as we give Him glory and honor and praise. May we be blessed to be a blessing to others.

Mutating Missionary in transit