Thursday, November 17, 2005

You make all things NEW!

Here in the states our thoughts are centered on a wonderful heartfelt holiday, Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims and Indians are celebrated as the turkey is carved and Indian Corn is snuggled into centerpieces, slipped into door decorations, or simply stacked upon a stoop to welcome those family and friends that are encouraged to come and visit. We like our holiday of history.

Yes, we Americans love our Thanksgiving. We smell it on the horizon. It is the time that allows us to overeat, to play in the leaves, to drink apple cider and crack pecans while settled in front of the bube tube for an afternoon of football. It is Thanksgiving. A time to stop and recognize all that this great country, this great place called home, has offered us. We have family, friends, communities, churches, schools, and even clubs that give us comraderie and a sense of belonging. We have homes, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and even skate boards that allow us to be mobile. We can be reached anywhere at any time by our cell phones and can get away from anyone with our nano ipods. We are a thrilled with our position in the world - and yet don't recognize that many of those looking in on us are not that impressed. We are a singularly secular society. My question... could it be that Thanksgiving is calling us to more?

Even though we call ourselves Christian - even at this time of thanksgiving we are quick to argue, justify, or deny things that need to be addressed. We would much prefer settling into our past, without confronting the problems that are seeping into the very fabric of our culture. I too would like to just sink into denial. I too would like to single this day out to focus on enjoyment. But, reality sets in. If I am truly a Christian set here on this earth to glorify God - than simply existing in the status quo cannot be sufficient. I am called out beyond the boundaries of what appears good. I am called to dig into the truth of not only my countries history, but of my faith's history, of my family's history. Why? Because without standing in truth we cannot make the needed changes and heal in the light of our Lord!

It is a bit uncomfortable to grow. It is not easy, not fun, and sometimes messy. But it is GOOD. We are called to grow, called to change. ONLY the God of the Universe stays the same. He wants us to allow those we love to work through tough memories. He wants them to struggle and in the struggle know that they are being prayed for.

Within the struggle, God the wonderful maker of all the universe makes all things NEW!

This blog this day is dedicated to those families that are in the midst of the struggle of family change. Those that are willing to get messy and look at the past, encourage each other in the present, and embrace the future. I know that I am praying and loving my parents and siblings in a different way than ever before.

May yours be aware of your desire to allow them to change, grow and become who God designs them to be - as you yourself do the same -- May my family join in this rejoicing of the new and recognition of the glory of God in the midst of this Thanksgiving season 2005.

Mutating Missionary's desires for this Thanksgiving (last one in USA for a while)!