Thursday, September 22, 2005

family & friends

I'm tired. I have friends and family that are trying to get out of the Houston, Beaumont area. I have offered my house. It is a haven - but will it even be able to be used? The phone has not stopped ringing. I'm not sure that sleep will come tonight.

The roads are parking lots.


Does one loose their job if their employer won't let them leave? i.e. airports? We all know that airports are important to help people evacuate. What about those few that stayed and went to work - overwhelmed by the job - but realizing that they needed to be there or others would not be able to get out -- How many more cars would have been on the roads if the airports had shut down earlier then they absolutely have to. What of those courageous souls that go in to work - because they are either feeling like it is their job and responsibility; or because they are afraid of loosing their jobs.

Once again I lean on that truth that He is good.

Tonight when I close this computer I am thankful that I have learned to trust Him. I'm not so sure that I have always enjoyed the ride... :-) But, I can sure tell you that I'm thankful that I'm on the ride and not sitting on the sidelines.

Does it make it more real because of Katrina -- well, I have a better understanding as to why more people didn't leave any sooner than they did.

Please pray for the people of the Gulf Coast -- those that have left, those that are leaving, those that are stuck.

a mutating missionary

Monday, September 19, 2005

Hope - life through the lens of God's Goodness!

I've been hearing a lot about hope these days. On the news there is discussion of the lack of hope for Hurricane Katrina victims on one day; the incredible awareness of the new hope in a new life (at a distance from the cycle of poverty and generational deficiency) on another.

Yesterday, I shared with a friend a memory of my wrestling with the truth that God is Good. I questioned the wonderful attribute of goodness found in a God that both gives and takes away.

I remember exactly where I was when I decided to receive this truth, to own it, to not question it any longer, to make it a part of my thought process in what was happening in my life at the time. It was not a particularly good time. Things weren't zipping along smoothly. In fact, life was pretty putrid. And I chose to receive the reality and truth that God is good -- and that being the case -- what was going on at the time, was good. Not fun, not enjoyable, not even pleasant. But – good… for me, my kids, and all those involved. Why? Because He IS ALL goodness and in that there is HOPE.

That was the moment that my heart caught up with my mind and I could sing in all honesty, "My hope is built on nothing else than Jesus Christ"What a wonderful truth that we have a sure hope in our future because of Him and who He is --- GOOD.

This truth changes the lens with which we view our lives.


Tonight, questions rise up out of my being. Questions concerning certain family members going through tough times... But, once again God reminds me of His Goodness and I get kinda' excited to see how He will work it all out.

Yep, God is Good and Hope in Him is assured. -- life through the lens of God's Goodness!

a mutating missionary

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I enjoy a challenge. I learned a new word, while reading the textbook assigned for the eschatology class I am enrolled in, down in the Big 'D'.

Philology: love of learning & literature.

This describes several of my friends and me (I confess… I confess… I confess…). So, would we be philologits? or philologists?

We are gluttonous when it comes to books/reading/learning, etc. This particular textbook has approximately one word per page that requires me to hoist that dictionary, kept beside my 'red chair', into my lap and decipher the meaning. I usually use this reference book because of my dyslexic spelling skills, but it is coming in handy on an entirely new level!

My daughter is joining me in the class. In fact, it was her idea. I grabbed another friend of mine to join us; the ‘girl’s night out’ took on a whole new meaning!

Simultaneously, another friend (a glutton not only for books/reading/learning – but for punishment as well – giggle!) sent me this e-mail last night.

"Wanna know what kicked me during Chaucer class tonight?

That "feeld hath eyen and the wode hath eres."
It is ful fair a main to bere hym evene
For alday meeteth men at unset stevene.

Translation?: Keep yourself in balance because we often keep appointments that we've never made. HMMMMM...."

Now, that is some vocabulary! Not exactly the language I'd expect being bantered about on the lawns of San Antonio!!!!! Como???? (I looked for the upside down question mark and never found it)

Got any vocabulary you want to share?

Also, if anyone knows where my counter went on my blog -- please share... it just disappeared this afternoon... anyone know if it is just playing hide-n-seek; or if it has truly gone AWOL and will not be returning.

a mutating missionary - not particularly a whiz at 'techno-knowledge' (another confession--- hummm!!!)



The smooth sax
slides over this room of souls
tampering with our hearts
as her voice
joins the ivories
tantalizing twists
'What Will I Tell My Heart'?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Dogma? Doctrine? Opinion?
What are really truths that we cannot deviate from? (Dogma)
What are personal convictions that we have determined from study of the word? (Doctrine)
What are simply opinions brought on by our family involvement, church affiliation, state we are reared (i.e. TEXAS :-), and even our country's particular stands? (Opinion)

So, what do you think are some of yours?

a mutating missionary