Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Goals – Be careful what you set your sites on

Well, goals of blogging weekly obviously did not come to fruition. Past month?

God in His graciousness has allowed much to unfold in my ongoing journey toward this unknown resting place.

Why do I call it an unknown? Because living in God’s plan is always an unknown place for us to live. We are safe only because He knows where He is guiding us.

Why do I call it a resting place? Because true resting can only be done in Him.

Hospitals are never fun. I have seen only a few from the ‘bed’ position. This time was no less nor more enjoyable. I entered after my firefighter son insisted upon it. After extensive tests I found that I am heart healthy! This was not a bad thing to discover, especially since I am about to embark on a new life in a far away place. However, it was taxing on my children.

Upon leaving for Colorado for a visit with my supervisor visiting from Europe, I found that my ex-husband had been hospitalized for a heart attack and had to have a quadruple heart bi-pass. In the last few weeks, I have been very aware of my children’s being my Achilles heel. And Satan knows it. I would ask for you to pray a prayer of protection over them. They are being hit on all levels – each one on their own and then together when it comes to me and to their father. Can you imagine having you mom go in for extensive tests and then your father go in for heart surgery the very next week? They are a bit side-swiped! Once again, they must remain placing God as their focus and their home.

The room that I sit in has 3 computers going. It is late at night, the house is quiet and I sit in Colorado with a fantastic family of fellow computer crazies. They are much defter at this type of medium. I, none the less, desire to rub shoulders with them in this room filled with technology and brimming with brain power. I hope some of it rubs off!!!!

Each time I enter this domain I find another intriguing book to look into. This time I pass my dear friend’s desk and find lying there in an unassuming posture a book entitled Stop Setting Goals if You Want to Solve Problems by Bobb Biehl. Looks like I will be skimming this one before I head back to the Springs for the facilitator’s training.

It brings me to the wonderful question of goal setting.

In our world, goals and goal setting are encouraged. I don’t know if this book will deal with several questions I have on the wisdom of this worldview; I will find out after reading it. But before I do, I would like to ponder some ideas with you.

1. How can we make goals in areas for which we have no control?
2. If we are goal oriented people, does it behoove us to make goals when we cannot be sure they will come to fruition?
3. What is the result of failure to achieve goals for those that are goal oriented?
4. Is there a better, more positive way to live?
5. Would stating desires and holding them loosely, recognizing that God is the master designer, a better and more realistic way to live?

From this woman that set a goal in her head to blog weekly – after a month of family difficulties (that God gave us courage to recognize/address/release/heal), medical issues (that proved to be important but not hindering), and traveling job commitments (that gave me just what was needed to move forward). Was it me in control? Nope!
But, God WAS – IS – WILL BE!
Praise Him in His ways and His workings.

A mutating missionary