Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Switzerland, I don't want to be nuetral anymore. Peace-filled, but not nuetral. Solid, but not in nuetral.

I'm in a learning curve again...

This was taken from the small village Saas Balen in Switzerland. I was there for a week in 2006.  The late afternoons were free - and I actually sat down and sketched!
Driving back to my flat with a dear seasoned missionary and her family, I recalled many of the events that propelled me down this road. This road of missions. And I was right where I was supposed to be... then!

I picked up many 'stones of remembrance' that day.
And God said: Remember.

I'm remembering. I want to Remember. But, I want more. I want to Remember and Share. Fun thing is - I've hesitated in sharing for over 30 years some of the things I desire to share now.

I have a dog named Ebenezer. His name means Stone of Help. I named him Ebenezer because I have a thing for stones, for rocks, for solid. And I needed one. A solid companion. Thus, I named my dog Ebenezer. A stone of help.

He delivers great joy and happiness.

I'm in process of much upheaval and change. These are changing times for everyone. We are in the midst of a changing culture. I am in the midst of a life-change. My friends are in the throes of a job-change. HoneyB is in the throes of a season change. And things are changing.

I am being called into a time of writing like never before. Why?

I have to stop using my voice for a while to prevent this disorder of my vocal chords to get any worse. I don't know how long that will be. Hopefully not too long. But if I don't heed this advice, I could truly lose my ability to verbally communicate - and that is obviously not something that would behoove anyone.

But Peace still resides in my spirit. My world is a bit topsy-turvey, but my spirit is calm. I'm enjoying this new adventure in a way. I'm being painted into a corner to stop and write. And writing is what I am doing.

I believe that through this writing a peace that has escaped me for a while will be found. So I enter into it with a little hesitation, lots of questions, not much planning, and both feet in... jump.

What will the genre be? What do I have to say? Can what I say make a difference? Do I want it to? Do I want to write for pleasure, or do I want to make a statement? Do I want to do both?

Following our passions allows us to find our purpose.
"We imagine that whatever is unpleasant is our duty! Is that anything like the spirit of our Lord --
"I delight to do Thy will, O My God." --- Oswald Chambers

Do you delight in something? Investigate it. 

I delight in writing. I find peace in writing. I will write.

more on this book later...

Your mutating missionary of peace
&HoneyB + Ebenezer + Ginger + Bourbon

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